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We Are Sacramento Newest Photography & Videography Company

Robert Wescott

Wescott & Co is officially opening January 2015, we will be the newest photography and videography company in Sacramento.  San Francisco, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe will be are home base with no fee for traveling to venues with in these areas.  We are happy to jump on a plane and go where ever you need us to go.

Wescott & Co is made up of a few people

Myself (Matt Wescott) I am the main photographer and main contact for you.

Rebecca - She is behind the computer, accounting and logistics.

Joel - Videographer.

Dax - Videographer

Even though Wescott & Co is new, I am not new to wedding photography.  In todays market I needed more than just photography so I took my photography business of 8 years and rolled it into a new company that would be able to serve todays clients better.  Now you con simplify your needs by using one company for all your media needs.  

We proud offer the following services 

Wedding Photography

Wedding Videography

Family Portraits

Lifestyle Head Shots

Aerial Photography

Aerial Videography

So if you have a wedding coming up and need wedding photography or wedding videography at it please don't hesitate to contact us.  I truly believe that the experience and relationship you have with your photographer and videographer is just as important as the work you will get.  You will have them around you more than anyone person or vendor on your wedding day.  They don't need to be a source of stress and frustration, they need to be a second set of hands needed.  Someone to help lighten the mood and get you to laugh.  Since I think of your wedding this way, and want to simplify your life we are only offering All Day Coverage.  Wether it is photo or video we are there for your wedding to tell the complete story, and not to cause stress because something won't get covered.

If you have seen my work, looked into who I am and have read all of this, and are still here then call me 855-701-0449 or email me  If you are waiting for me to call you, I am not psychic, I don't know who your are.  So if you want to make your wedding planning easier take the first step.  

Lake Tahoe wedding locations I want to work at

Robert Wescott

There are a lot of wedding locations in the Lake Tahoe area, some nicer then others.  But there is an on going list of locations I want to photograph at, they could be extravagant, incredibly beautiful, a fun and funk spot or just a place I have always wanted to work at.  If you are having your wedding at one of these venues I may be persuaded to give you a break so I can work there.  Here is a in the greater sacramento area.  You can click on the pictures to get to the website, and the images are off the venues site not from me.

Edgewood Tahoe

100 Lake Parkway, lake tahoe, NV -

Edgewood Tahoe is a spectacular lake from wedding site, with view of lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the back ground your guests will talk about how beautiful everything was on Monday.  There are two different reception location one on the lake and one on the golf course, Edgewood Tahoe is truly a venue that fits any wedding.

Hyatt Regency - Lake Tahoe

111 Country Club Dr, Incline Village, NV -

Hyatt Regency in Incline Village is a resort that fits any wedding.  With the ability of having your wedding on the beach, in a private lawn surrounded by trees or their private garden.  They can fit your need for a venue, and 2 different ballrooms for your reception.

Thunderbird Lodge

Incline Village, NV -

The Historic Thunderbird Lodge is a one of a kind stone castle style venue right on Lake Tahoe in Incline Village.  Thunderbird is filled with all kinds of beautiful places for photos, and you can make a dream wedding come true at this beautiful place.

Destination weddings - Bring your own photographer

Robert Wescott

Destination weddings have such a great appeal to them, the sand, sun, and water.  Paradise with close friends and family, why would anyone not want this, right?  From Jamaica through the Caribbean to Mexico there are a lot of great resorts with great wedding packages that include the photographer.  After talking to a couple who had a bad experience with their dream wedding, and being hired to photograph a wedding in Jamaica myself, I want to give you all of the information so you can make an informed decision.

I was talking to a friend over the summer who's sister was married Mexico.  During the conversation she was telling me about what happened with the photography, and how her sister would have done things differently.  It all started when they booked the resort and planned everything for the wedding, they saw many different online albums of wedding that they photographed and everything looked wonderful.  Despite lots of pictures and being reassured from the resort everything was great, the couple didn't get a chance to talk to the photographer before arriving.  When they explained what they wanted upon arrival everything was said to be just fine and it will all get taken care of.  The wedding went off beautifully and everyone enjoyed it, they ate, danced and drank.  Fast forward a few days and time to check out, they are handed a DVD of the wedding and have to run to the airport.  On the trip home everyone is so excite to see the pictures the laptop is pulled out and the DVD is put in, as the pictures are  loaded they start to notice that many of them are slightly out of focus.  More load and they see that some are so bright you can't make out the details of her dress, some of them the grass looks more yellow then green.  Once they get back and settle into everyday life she email the resort and brings up the problems, the response was not as friendly as the planning emails.  Long story short they were not able to get unedited files and were basically told the albums she saw before are the best of work and everything doesn't turn out that way.  Almost a year later they for a fraction of their money back and don't have any pictures they really like other than what the family took.

I was hired to photograph Derrik and Alica's wedding in Jamaica earlier this year.  The couple wanted everything about their week captures and didn't want to bother friends and family to have to do this for them.  So they flew me out to Jamaica for a week, accommodations at their resort and included in all the activities for the week.  Since they are from Sacramento we had many meeting planning everything, they got to see many complete weddings and they knew what to expect.  The week was great, we got there on Sunday night, the wedding was Wednesday and we left Saturday.  Once back Derrik and Alica came over with their friends and got to see their pictures on the TV, everyone enjoyed the experience even her cousin who didn't go with them.  We were able to plan their album and the whole experience was super easy for them

I understand that not everyone will have a bad experience or have problems on a destination wedding.  The advantages to bringing your photographer with you can out way the additional cost that is involved.  First off you get peace of mind, you get to sit and talk with them ahead of time.  You can plan everything, see complete weddings and become very comfortable with your decision.  Second if you get to know the photographer you will be a little more comfortable with them and that will show in the pictures.  Third and one of the most important for you is, if you have a problem you are now dealing with a local company.  With the couple earlier  if they never got a response back and basically got a Fu** You from the resort, do you think they would have gotten on a plane and flew back to Mexico to start a legal process, or even how many times it might take to resolve this.  Now worse case you just have to do this with your local county.

There are pros and cons to taking a photographer with you and that is something you have to work out for your self.  My personal feeling is that a destination wedding is a wonderful time in paradise with fiends and family, let your friends enjoy the time and have someone else capture the moments.  If you choose to save  a little money and use the person since they are already there, what is the true cost  if something goes wrong, emotional and financial.

Here is one of my favorite shots from Derrik and Alica's wedding.

Sacramento wedding locations I want to photograph at.

Robert Wescott

There are a lot of wedding locations in the Sacramento area, some nicer then others.  But there is an on going list of locations I want to photograph at, they could be extravagant, incredibly beautiful, a fun and funk spot or just a place I have always wanted to work at.  If you are having your wedding at one of these venues I may be persuaded to give you a break so I can work there.  Here is a in the greater sacramento area.  You can click on the pictures to get to the website, and the images are off the venues site not from me.


Grand Island Mansion

13415 Grand Island rd, Walnut Grove -

This venue is spectacular!  I have been there for a few networking events and fell in love with photographing a wedding there.  They have a bowling alley and a movie theater in side, and the grounds are so amazing.  This is defiantly on my short list.

Inn at park winters

27850 County Road 26, Winters -

Inn at Park Winters is a wonderful cross between upscale country on the outside and modern style inside.  They have a wonderful farm house they completely renovated, a barn, a towering 3 story guesthouse, and an original farm shack.  there is also a pool to relax at the grounds are wonderful to talk around.  

Helwig Winery

11555 Shanandoah Rd, Plymouth -

Helwig Winery is a name that keeps coming up again and again, the unique design and layout of Helwig allows for country rustic weddings to high fashion weddings to fit in perfectly.  If you want spectacular views and backdrops their outdoor sites are a perfect fit, and the wine cave makes a perfect intimate setting for remarkable pictures of the two of you.

The true value of imagery to me.

Robert Wescott

I have been asked many different ways, why I do what I do.  When I first started in photography it was a way to make money with a passion and hobby of mine.  I photographed portraits for another company and found out I was pretty good.  When I went out on my one I still loved it and thought of it more as a way to get paid to have fun and enjoy great parties all the time.  This went of for a while and then something happened, my phone rang and a dream friend of mine Katy "awesome" Baker asked if I could photograph a wedding that afternoon.  This seamed odd to me but she was in need and said it was important, so I said yes.

This was the tipping point when photography went from fun and money to one something that is very personal and a moment in time you would get back.  I found out that Lilia and Roberts wedding was going to be held at a hospital, Roberts dad was very sick and loosing the battle with cancer.  While they planned a later wedding his dad would not make it, so they moved things up.  I gave them the attention that I do every wedding and found it a little cramped and high fitting  7 people around a hospital bed plus myself trying to photograph everything.  After this we went back to their house and had another wedding their for family and friends, this time much more room but still not the ideal location.  

I went home and felt for the family, I said a prayer for them, picked up Tyvan (my son) who was 6 months old and hugged him and went back to my life as usual.  The next week I got a call from Katy she told me that Roberts dad past and wanted to thank me again for everything I did for them.  When I sat down to start working on the pictures I opened up lightroom and loaded the files, as I was going through them picking out the keepers and editing both weddings, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  These are some of the last pictures of this man, even though he was in a bed and on a breathing machine, he was truly happy and maybe one of the last times he was.  (even now just writing this I find it hard to fight back the tears)  

Now when I pick up a camera I see a moment in time that you can never get back. Wether it is Tyvan playing with his block or jumping off the bed onto the floor or it is a couple kissing for the first time as husband and wife.  These are moments that you can recall from memory but once they are printed and live a a physical part of your life they are priceless.  I now view what I do as one of the most respected professions in todays world.

To bring this back to Lilia and Robert, even though their wedding wasn't in the best of locations and he lost his father shortly after this.  How much do you think they value this image?

Even though they live on the other side of the country now, and I did not charge them for my services, I think that they would not give this image up for any amount of money.  I gave them a moment in time that they will never get back, but they can see it and share it with their kids and their grand kids who will never know this great man.  And that is the true value of an image to me.