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We Are Sacramento Newest Photography & Videography Company

Robert Wescott

Wescott & Co is officially opening January 2015, we will be the newest photography and videography company in Sacramento.  San Francisco, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe will be are home base with no fee for traveling to venues with in these areas.  We are happy to jump on a plane and go where ever you need us to go.

Wescott & Co is made up of a few people

Myself (Matt Wescott) I am the main photographer and main contact for you.

Rebecca - She is behind the computer, accounting and logistics.

Joel - Videographer.

Dax - Videographer

Even though Wescott & Co is new, I am not new to wedding photography.  In todays market I needed more than just photography so I took my photography business of 8 years and rolled it into a new company that would be able to serve todays clients better.  Now you con simplify your needs by using one company for all your media needs.  

We proud offer the following services 

Wedding Photography

Wedding Videography

Family Portraits

Lifestyle Head Shots

Aerial Photography

Aerial Videography

So if you have a wedding coming up and need wedding photography or wedding videography at it please don't hesitate to contact us.  I truly believe that the experience and relationship you have with your photographer and videographer is just as important as the work you will get.  You will have them around you more than anyone person or vendor on your wedding day.  They don't need to be a source of stress and frustration, they need to be a second set of hands needed.  Someone to help lighten the mood and get you to laugh.  Since I think of your wedding this way, and want to simplify your life we are only offering All Day Coverage.  Wether it is photo or video we are there for your wedding to tell the complete story, and not to cause stress because something won't get covered.

If you have seen my work, looked into who I am and have read all of this, and are still here then call me 855-701-0449 or email me  If you are waiting for me to call you, I am not psychic, I don't know who your are.  So if you want to make your wedding planning easier take the first step.