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Gifyyy Photo Booth

life of the party

What is gifyyy?

Introducing, the next evolution of a photo booth. Gifyyy captures the fun and the motion by creating super-fun, fast-paced animated Gif files that are sent instantly via text message.  Gifyyy is sleek and modernly designed, it has a small footprint and can go almost anywhere.  Gifyyy can be completely battery powered and uses wifi, from open fields, to barns, to beaches, Gifyyy will work.   Your guests can save them to their phones and share via Facebook and Twitter.  Use your wedding #hashtag too!  After the wedding you receive an online gallery for 6 months, and all the digital files from Gifyyy! 



Instant, interactive & fun!

Real-time uploading and sharing

All the gifs are uploaded to a live online gallery, with sharing enabled for Twitter and Facebook.

Your guests can input their phone numbers and have gifs sent INSTANTLY to their phones via text message.


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.27.00 AM.png


The custom constructed light and vintage inspired easel makes it irresistible to NOT touch.

Beautifully designed to be usable by everyone,

Literally one button.....



Go anywhere - Wirelessly uploads GIF's

Gifyyy is small and portable! Using wifi & portable batteries Gifyyy is not limited to the corner or patios of your venue.  It can go places you didn't think a photo booth cold go,

 Beaches, Orchards, Barns, Fields

 Gifyyy can even be moved to different locations durning your reception.  No other photo booth can do this.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.26.33 AM.png


This is not you typical enclosed photo booth, everyone will talk about how much fun it was and how different it was.

See it in action

THe usual questions

How long do I have access to the online gallery?

The online gallery will stay active for 6 months following the event.

What happens if my venue doesn't have wifi?

No wifi, no worries.  We can provide a cellular hotspot for access anywhere.

My venue doesn't have power, can we still have Gifyyy?

This is what is great about Love Sprouts Gifyyy Photo Booth. It doesn't need any power. It comes with charged batteries so it can be placed in the best spot!

What about props?

Nope - none needed.  The movement that Gifyyy captures makes it fun enough.  They are not included because you really don’t need them.

How much space is needed?

Not much - the footprint is incredibly small - about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet.  We’d suggest a 10x10 foot area so people can comfortably use it.


Why is Gifyyy is different?

Gifyyy Photo Booth was designed to look stylish and attractive, to be out front for guests to see and use it.  From the beginning it was designed to be usable where most booths can't, because it doesn't need a power outlet.


What is a GIF?

GIFs are a series of still images that are animated into a looping video.

How do the GIFs get delivered?

They are delivered through a SMS text.

Can I share to social media?

GIFs can be shared to Facebook or Twitter via the share button. You can also add your own event #hastag to easily find your event on the internet.

Is Gifyyy an enclosed photo booth?

We call it a photo booth because there’s really no other term to use, but no, it’s not an enclosed booth like a traditional photo booth.  We designed it this way because it actually looks good, and  people like crowding around at.

Can I display a live feed during my event?

Yes, of course. For an additional charge of $300, we will bring a monitor or projection screen to display the live feed. Access to power would be required.

ok so i am much

Gifyyy Photo Booth - $650

4 Hours of coverage


Unlimited gifs

Instant access for guests to their gifs

Custom SMS message with each texted gif

Battery power if venue doesn't have power

Cellular hotspot if venue doesn't have wifi

Digital download of all gifs after event

6 Months online access to gallery

Additional hour $100



2016 weddings get $250 off!