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About Matt

Who am I?

My name is Matt Wescott, my wife is Rebecca we met on E-Harmony in June and were married in November of 2006, almost 7 years later our son Tyvan was born.  Rebecca and I adopted a weimaraner who's name is Harmony long before Tyvan was around, she has proudly become a dog that doesn't like the cold.  To me one of my biggest personal challenges is to be a good father and role model for Tyvan.

I got into photography my senior year in high school because my girlfriend liked it and I wanted to share interests with her.  Since I graduated I continues to learn through exploration with my camera, I traveled all over the country filling up rolls of film.  I got my first photography job in 2000, I photographed families with a traveling portrait studio.  I went all over California doing that, having fun for a few years.  Then my cousin was getting married and asked me to photograph her wedding, with out a thought I said yes and got through it without many problems.  I soon started to work for other photographers shooting with them at weddings and then opened my own business.

I enjoy spending evenings with my family and playing with Tyvan and sleeping in on a cold day.  I still enjoy traveling but that has slowed down after we got our dog and since Tyvan is around.  I love Apple from my phone to my computers, not a big fan of coffee or really hoop beers, but I do love wheat beer.  Camping and driving will rank higher up on the list and whenI find time I enjoy shooting my guns.  If I get the chance and can get away I will hit the slopes in the winter and enjoy the cold white mountains.

I do not subscribe to the theory of the camera makes a great shot, but how doesn't like shiny new toys.  I love Nikon and Fuji for very different reasons, they each bring different strengths to the table.  People don't always notice my smaller fuji and this allows me to catch the real nature of people.  Sometimes it just feels awesome to hold a heavy camera body and big lens!  

I am like a lot of people, even though I have all the gear I don't always like to be in front of the camera.  I often think that I should loose some weight but also think that In and Out sounds so delicious.  I cry at movies and often times when I am editing a wedding seeing this moment in their lives.  This is some of the good, the bad and the ugly about who I am, thank you for wanting to learn about whoI am.  If you want to know more about me I post things on the blog so look up the tag MATT.